johnson county youth and family resource center

During the summer semester, one section of ARC550 took a trip to Kansas City to see a recently built minimum security juvenile detention facility and family resource center.  Just outside of Kansas City in Olathe, Kansas, this project was designed through a collaboration between Mark Ryan Studio and Treanor Architects (architect of record).  Below you will find some images taken by three students – Josh Fowler, Lara Murray, and Gabrielle Lowe – while taking a tour of the project with one of the architects, the building manager, and one of the lead guards.  The group was very accommodating and allowed us access to the entire facility, including all of the secure areas.  I was very happy to see how well the project turned out (I was working for Mark Ryan Studio when the project was designed) and it provided great insight for the students on best practices for the design of a contemporary juvenile justice facility.

su13 | arc550 | research anthologies

This summer in ARC550, the students were divided into four groups.  Each group, over the course of three weeks, explored a variety of topics centered on juvenile justice.  Some of these were done individually (for example the initial writing assignments).  Many, though, were done as a coordinated effort within the group.  After analyzing juvenile justice topics, the site, and the program, each group was asked to create an anthology of their work for use by the class during the design of the juvenile facility.  Below you will find two examples of these anthologies.

group 2 research anthology

group 3 research anthology