Simple Connections

Presentation: Simple Connections

This presentation was made in April 2014 at the National Conference on the Beginning Design Student hosted by the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, Illinois.

Schwartz, C. (2014, April). Simple Connections. Materiality, Essence + Substance: 30th National Conference on the Beginning Design Student.  Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, IL.

Abstract:  In Thinking Architecture, Peter Zumthor states that “buildings are artificial constructions.  They consist of single parts which must be joined together.”  Within this discussion, Zumthor poses that the quality of a finished project is a direct resultant of the quality of the joints holding together the assembly.  In an architectural building technology course, a seemingly simple question has been posed to a group of second year students:  How do you join together two pieces of 2×4?  The responses provide the students not only with ideas about the crafting of joints, but also about the crafting of the constructed environment.