F17 | Investigating Architectural Tectonics

This semester, the students undertook the critical tectonic analysis of an architectural precedent, using my book Introducing Architectural Tectonics as a template. The final task of the semester was to utilize all of the research and the tectonic analysis of the precedent to develop an inspired built work. The nature of the construction was up to the student as the assignment was open-ended, but had to satisfy some base requirements. It had to be made of traditional construction materials – dimensional lumber, metal, concrete, etc – and not modeling material – basswood, chipboard, etc. The construction also had to be a minimum of 2’-0” x 2’-0” x 2’-0” (many of the students went much larger), although it did not need to take any specific shape. Although open-ended, architectural details were recommended for this task because of their relevance to most of the written work generated by the students.

Final Class Research Book