F17 | Investigating Architectural Tectonics

This semester, the students undertook the critical tectonic analysis of an architectural precedent, using my book Introducing Architectural Tectonics as a template. The final task of the semester was to utilize all of the research and the tectonic analysis of the precedent to develop an inspired built work. The nature of the construction was up… Continue reading F17 | Investigating Architectural Tectonics

Book Chapter | Learning by Doing

Schwartz, Chad. “Learning by Doing: The Educational Value of Design/Build.” In The Louna Bookshop Project, edited by Christian Hermansen. China: UED and Taylor & Francis, 2020 (anticipated). Abstract This introductory chapter to The Louna Bookshop Project discusses the learning opportunities inherent in the pedagogy of academic design/build. Academic design/build – an educational construct somewhat distinct… Continue reading Book Chapter | Learning by Doing

Paper | Defeat in Victory

Schwartz, Chad. “Defeat in Victory: Reflecting on the Value of Design/Build.” Paper presented at the 2018 Design/Build Exchange Conference: Working Out: Thinking while Building III, September 2018. Abstract Several years ago, I decided that participating in community-based design/build is an experience that every student passing through the school of architecture should have at least once… Continue reading Paper | Defeat in Victory

s14 | arc 242 | build-in-progress

This semester in ARC242, the students were challenged with a traditional design|build project.  Over the course of three required build days and about 15 voluntary build days, the class built a new amphitheater space for SIU's Touch of Nature.  Below are a series of images of the build process.

su13 | arc550 | semester booklets

At the conclusion of ARC550, each student was asked to create a small booklet that outlined their progress through the semester.  Below, you will find a few select examples of these booklets. Kristopher Teubel - final booklet John Svast - final booklet Randy Thoms - final booklet Nicholas Mosher - final booklet

su13 | arc550 | research anthologies

This summer in ARC550, the students were divided into four groups.  Each group, over the course of three weeks, explored a variety of topics centered on juvenile justice.  Some of these were done individually (for example the initial writing assignments).  Many, though, were done as a coordinated effort within the group.  After analyzing juvenile justice… Continue reading su13 | arc550 | research anthologies

f12 | arc351 | final boards

Below you can find a few samples of the final boards produced by the students in ARC351.  These boards outline their designs for the final project of the semester:  a cemetery.  The students also produced a 1:10 model for the review and incorporated in one of their panels from earlier in the semester.