f12 | arc351 | midterm presentation

At the midterm of the semester, the students in this section of ARC351 presented their first major assignment of the semester.  In this problem, the students were asked to transform the inspiration of an object or experience found within the context of our site into a series of three 16”x32” panels each created using a different primary medium.  The first set of panels was made using wood; the second set using fabric; and the third set using concrete.  Each medium offered the students a different opportunity for exploration and a different focus for channeling their inspiration.  In addition to the panels, the students produced a series of 11×17 sheets which contain their sketches, ideas, diagrams, and techniques for creating their miniature pieces of full scale architecture.  They were also asked to photograph the panels and generate a series of quick renderings that show the panels occupied at different scales:  the site, the building, the space, and the person.  At the conclusion of this work, the panels will be transformed once again as the ideas will be pulled out and used to form the basis for the final project of the semester:  a cemetery.