s13 242

In the spring 2013 iteration of ARC242, the course was modified to provide a better balance of learning objectives in the course.  The first project, new this semester, asked the students to investigate architecture firms and their use of “making” in their work.  Project 2 built on last years section build by asking the students to design a “filter” element to place in their single story residential wall construction.  These were built at full scale in the courtyard of our building in April.  And finally, the last project had the students once again generating a small set of construction documents for a shotgun house in Cairo, IL.  Below you will find some examples of the student’s work from these projects.

In Project 2 we were fortunate to have Greg Wendt, who is a Instructional Technology Specialist with the Center for Teaching Excellence here at SIU, spend some time helping us document the project.  In addition to this still photos, we utilized a stationary camera that took somewhere in the neighborhood of 4800 photos over the course of the 12 hour build day. Greg generously put together a time lapse video of the build day using the photos from this camera.  He also took some video at the site and compiled a 10 minute video of the students working.  Both can be found by clicking on the appropriate links below.

project 1 | firm pamphlets

project 2 | build day images

project 2 | final section constructions

project 2 | build day time lapse

project 2 | build day video

project 3 | construction documents

*The photo above was taken by SIU faculty member Peter Smith.