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Several SIU School of Architecture courses participated in the Cairo YouthBuild Grant in 2013 led by myself, Assistant Professor Shannon McDonald, and Assistant Professor Laura Morthland. In ARC350, a group of students created designs and construction documents for both the adaptive reuse of an existing residence and a new residence in Cairo, Illinois.  These drawings were used by the YouthBuild program to undertake the home building for their students. During this course, the students also hosted the YouthBuild students at SIU and introduced them to the interworkings of the University and the School of Architecture.  In the summer, a group of students in ARC434 had the opportunity to travel down to Cairo for a month and participate in the build with the YouthBuild program.  ARC350 was led by myself and Laura Morthland while Shannon McDonald led the summer effort in ARC434.

The jobsite photos of the adaptive reuse were provided by Shannon McDonald.