ELOO design|build | s15 | ARC242

Our second design/build project at the SIU Touch of Nature campus preserve (the first was the Hillside Build outlined in a separate post in Translation) was the development of enclosures for a series of ELOO composting/solar toilets that would be positioned in the most remote areas of TON’s 3100 acre property. The project adapted a similar process to the Hillside Build from the previous year, with the primary exception being that the class was divided into six independent groups, each working on its own unit at separate sites. The structures were initially built at a common location and then transported in pieces to their final destination for final assembly.

Unfortunately, due to several issues outside of our control, the buildings are still waiting to be placed in their final locations and finished. We hope to wrap up this project in the coming months, but the end of the project is not yet in sight. That did not, however, deter the students from working extremely hard to produce as much as they could within the given limits.