courtyard build II | s13 | arc242

In the spring of 2013, the second year architecture and interior design students got their hands dirty building full-scale constructions in Building Technology I. In this second iteration of the project, the students were given a simple section and elevations of a single story residence and were asked to generate a 4′-0″ wide construction of the drawing. The rigorous process of translations was identical to that of the version undertaken in the spring of 2012 (please see that page for details).  This semester, the constructions were built of a corner condition and the window was replaced with a designed filter condition.

The action photos below were taken by Greg Wendt who is a Instructional Technology Specialist with the Center for Teaching Excellence here at SIU.  Greg has been invaluable to us in the documentation of this build project since it started last year.  In addition to this still photos, we utilized a stationary camera that took somewhere in the neighborhood of 4800 photos over the course of the 12 hour build day. Greg generously put together a time lapse video of the build day using the photos from this camera.  He also took some video at the site and compiled a 10 minute video of the students working.  The videos can both be found online:

Time Lapse Video

Build Day Video

There are also a few additional photos of the final constructions that I took the day following the build.