courtyard build I | s12 | arc242

In the spring of 2012, the second year architecture and interior design students participated in a group project for their building technology class.  The students were given a simple section and elevation of a single story residence and were asked to generate a 4′-0″ wide construction of the drawing.  The process began by translating the given drawing into a full parts list and then into a cost analysis using a local hardware store.  The groups next translated the work into a storyboard that describes the entire construction prior virtually.  The photos below were taken during the ‘build day’ in which all nine groups of students constructed their work in the courtyard of the architecture building along with a couple pictures of the final product.  One of the constructions was built in the adacent gallery space for display purposes for the school.

Although some of the photos below were taken by me, most were taken by another faculty member here in the School of Architecture, Bob Swenson.  I should also note that many of the faculty members, graudate students, and upper division undergraduate students spent time throughout the day helping these second year students better understand the work they were doing.  In addition to that assistance, Lowes of Carbondale gave the students, who purchased all of the materials themselves, a 50% discount on all supplies for the project.

Greg Wendt, working out the Center for Teaching Excellence here at SIU, loaned us some camera equipment to take approximately 2200 photos from the roof of the building of the construction site throughout the day.  Greg then generously put together a time lapse video of the build day for us.  It can be viewed online at this website: