tectonic studies | f14-s15 | arc350

Although this is not really a student project per se, I was very fortunate to have to students in the fall of 2014 interested in working with me on an independent study centered on the tectonic analysis of a series of existing works of architecture. This research is the topic of my book (outlined in the IAT section of this website). The two students, Aaron Neal and Suzanne Abell, were each asked to co-author a chapter of the book with me. They utilized my outline and structure for the chapters and together we researched, wrote, and drew the content of four of the books project chapters. Mr. Neal collaborated with me on the study of the GC Prostho Museum Research Center by Kengo Kuma and the Loblolly House by KieranTimberlake. Ms. Abell chose to help investigate the Government Canyon Visitor Center by Lake|Flato and the Brain Studio by Olson Kundig.

Overall the experience was very rewarding for me and I believe that the students learned a great deal about research, about tectonics, and about the process of cobbling together a written work.  They were so invested in the process that they asked me to continue the course through to the spring of 2015. My hat is off to them for all of their efforts.