observation – light | f15 | arc351

The perceptual spirit and metaphysical strength of architecture are driven by the quality of light and shadow shaped by solids and voids, by opacities, transparencies, and translucencies.

Alberto Perez-Gomez, Juhani Pallasmaa, and Steven Holl, Questions of Perception, 2006

In this introductory studio problem, each student was asked to design and build a device that has the sole purpose of enhancing the observation of light and its counterpart, shadow. The students were asked to think of this as a sculptural exploration using tangible and non-tangible materials. Light is the intangible. For the tangible, the students could use one or two primary materials in the construction. The final built work was required to be approximately 16”x16”x16”with some leeway based on your design ideas.

Below, you will find the final presentation boards. The constructions were not present at the final review, just the eight images shown and one small descriptive paragraph of the intent. The project led off in a semester dedicated to the study of observation.