su13 550

In this summer graduate studio, the students were given the task of creating a new juvenile detention/justice facility for Southern Illinois.  The facility was located within Southern Illinois University’s Touch of Nature, 3100 acres of space dedicated to serving youth through experiential hands-on education as well as other user groups.  The area is also used by many SIU departments for research.  This studio was centered on research into the nature of juvenile justice and the students spent the first three weeks of the semester enveloped in various topics surrounding the core program.  Each student was required to develop a thesis to explore within the larger idea of juvenile justice.  These topics ranged from issues of authority in architecture, the incorporation of ‘meaningful wandering,’ to the development of a new voice for troubled youth through social media and architecture.  This project was incredibly ambitious for a short 8-week summer session and although each student could easily take these project further with more time, their explorations of this difficult and complex topic are to be commended.  Below you will find a selection of their work from the semester.

research anthologies

final project presentations

project booklets