f13 351

This Fall, the student in this section of ARC351 explored religious structures.  The themes for the semester were context and tectonics.  The semesters work was formatted in five projects.  The first project asked the students to do a thorough analysis of an existing chapel.  In the second project, the students designed an intervention for their case study project.  This intervention took the form of a place for a visitor to pause and rest; each design was built at full scale for the presentation.  In the third project, the students were told that they were going to be designing a new chapel for Carbondale, IL that is inspired by the lessons learned from the case study and the intervention.  In this problem, the students were required to find a site somewhere in the city limits for the new project.  Problem 4 was the schematic design of the new chapel.  Each student designed the project on their selected site, taking inspiration from the first two problems.  In the final problem of the semester, the student’s zoomed in to a small portion of their project and technically, poetically, and aesthetically developed it in detail.  They also built, at full scale, a detail from their selected section.

The semester was rigorous and ambitious, but very successfully completed by this hardworking group.  The constant changing of perspective afforded by changing of scale allowed for a deep exploration of a small, but meaningful piece of architecture.  Below you will find images of key work and points during the semester.

intervention images

building detail images

final presentation of the semester’s work